Bcaa while on steroids

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he might be confusing dieting athletes with non-dieting athletes. There's a difference between a glycogen-depleted run down athlete cutting to 5-6% bf vs someone in energy balance. Mike Young raised that possibility ( the energy deficit required to get than lean being the culprit, not bf% per se). I perform quite well at a low bodyfat%, but the last two weeks on my way to 5% bf were hard (I felt weaker and lost a rep here and there). Once I transitioned into maintenance, the feelings of weakness subsided and I regained strength.

Btw, I certainly don't agree with the notion that eating a paleo diet will automatically lead to 10% bf for men and 15% for women.

Bcaa while on steroids

bcaa while on steroids


bcaa while on steroidsbcaa while on steroidsbcaa while on steroidsbcaa while on steroidsbcaa while on steroids