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I am working on implementing OEE in one of our machines that makes centertubes for automotive oil filters. The steel is rolled and each part number has specific diameter and length. However, the run-rates vary for each part numbers. I am somewhat able to calculate Takt time for each part number based on the standard run-rate. However, the problem for me is to determine Ideal Cycle Time. The machine can run as fast as 65 PPM for one part number while it runs as slow as 13 PPM for some other part number. In this case, what would be the optimal way to calculate Ideal Cycle Time for each part numbers? As you know, Ideal Cycle time is required to calculate Performance Metric of OEE.

Beer lovers will want to hit up Tribeca Taphouse for it’s selection of suds on tap. The list changes seasonally, and on a recent visit, it included everything from Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ ($9) to Kentucky Bourbon Ale ($10). For something other than beer, try one of the wines on offer ($10 for a glass, $36 for a bottle) or a cocktail. The five signature drinks offer a little bit of everything, from the more traditional Tribeca Smash—whiskey, muddled blackberries, lemon and ginger—to the Greenwich St. Beertail, a blend of vodka, aperol and Stella Artois (both $15). Hungry? The food menu includes plenty of variety, too. Snack on blue cheese croquettes ($10) or ceviche tacos ($12) before going for a main course of a chicken sandwich with beets, goat cheese and kale ($15) or mushroom risotto ($15).

Due to confusion with synonyms during translation, some of the animals depicted by the English words did not exist in ancient China. For example, 羊 can mean Goat , ram or sheep. Similarly, 鼠 Rat can also be translated as mouse, as there are no distinctive words for the two genera in Chinese. Further, 豬 Pig is sometimes translated to boar after its Japanese name, and 牛 plainly means Ox or cow, and not water buffalo, 水牛. 雞 Rooster may mean chicken. However, Rooster is the most commonly used one among all the synonyms, same for 羊, 鼠, etc.

Best cycle for first time steroid user

best cycle for first time steroid user


best cycle for first time steroid userbest cycle for first time steroid userbest cycle for first time steroid userbest cycle for first time steroid userbest cycle for first time steroid user