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Hi my name is Sean and I am 24 years old and I recently got in a motorcycle accident and I would like to know if you think I will get back to playing sports. I will cut to the chase and explain my injury. My left leg: I tore my acl,mcl,pcl, pateller tendon, medial and lateral miniscus. I had surgery to repair all at the same time and its going on 4 months and im walking again about 90% of the time without crutches. I asked my PT and they said they think I will due to the progress I have made so far but they have never seen one with as many tears as mine had. I also tore my ACL in my right leg which surgery is schedules for june 10th but im not worried about that one. Im mainly worried about my left leg due to the extensive tears. When I talked to my surgeon this is what he said in his wxact words ( excuse my french) “there was shit in there that didnt have names for them that you tore”. I would like to know what you think because I am developing this motion in my left knee where I can pull my shin bone out and it looks like my pcl is torn again. Thank you for your time and I hope your recovery is going well. God bless

Martin, you are great, always improving your articles based on the feedback from your followers. I am the one who brought up the shorter men issue.

You wrote: `Shorter guys (below 170 cm) seem to skew the formula towards being heavier.´

I am the opposite. I weigh 57 kg at 166 cm. But what´s interesting is that I am a mesomorph that looks quite muscular and fairly lean! So, I really can´t picture myself at 66 kg while not looking like Donna Simpson.

Unlike most men, I tend to put fat not on the abdominal area but on my legs, ass and lower back.

Could it be that uncommon fat distribution patterns are a main cause of inaccurate BF % assessments?

Biceps exploded steroids

biceps exploded steroids


biceps exploded steroidsbiceps exploded steroidsbiceps exploded steroidsbiceps exploded steroidsbiceps exploded steroids