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Stuart–No offense, but I don’t see how that shelving rack could sustain four tons of weight without collapsing; it doesn’t appear that sturdy. What gauge steel is used? Are there any mechanical fasteners on it (., nuts and bolts); it sounds like there may not be any. How was that weight figure of 2,000 lbs. per shelf determined? While an individual rack might withstand that much weight, I don’t think the structure itself can support four tons. Did they put it together and then test it with calibration weights, or was this subjected to an increasing load until it failed in a test machine? Did they test it catastrophically (., for instantaneous failure)? That would result in a higher strength, because you don’t build up stress over time. The photo above shows a very light loading of the structure. As close as the shelves are together, I doubt that you could load 2,000 pounds of tools or weight on each one. The top and second shelf are largely unsupported by the diagonal support rods to keep the unit from racking. Obviously, you’ll load any heavy items down by the floor, and I’d bolt the unit to the wall rather than leave it free-standing if it had that much weight on it. I get that it’s strong, but I suspect their advertising people are pushing the limits of what this unit can safely handle. I’d want to see more evidence (conducted by an independent test lab) of their claims; it sounds a little too good to be true.

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Gladiator ultimate anabolic mass stack

gladiator ultimate anabolic mass stack


gladiator ultimate anabolic mass stackgladiator ultimate anabolic mass stackgladiator ultimate anabolic mass stackgladiator ultimate anabolic mass stackgladiator ultimate anabolic mass stack