Harm minimisation strategies for steroids

For more than half a century, governments have aggressively pursued disastrous “war on drugs” policies that criminalise a health problem and have only succeeded in making things worse.  These clueless policies are killing young people, so it’s time for a complete re-think. The old parties don’t have the courage to take this issue on.

This festival season, let’s get real about drugs. Our plan to “party smart, party safe, party on” calls for a realistic approach to drug policy. In particular, we will be supporting more pill testing and the removal of sniffer dogs at music festivals and in our clubs and a commitment to harm reduction.

Charles Livingstone has received funding from the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, the (former) Victorian Gambling Research Panel, and the South Australian Independent Gambling Authority (the funds for which were derived from hypothecation of gambling tax revenue to research purposes), from the Australian and New Zealand School of Government, and from non-government organisations for research into multiple aspects of poker machine gambling, including regulatory reform, existing harm minimisation practices, and technical characteristics of gambling forms. He has received travel and co-operation grants from the Alberta Problem Gambling Research Institute, the Finnish Institute for Public Health, the Ontario Problem Gambling Research Committee, and the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand. He is a Chief Investigator on an Australian Research Council funded project researching mechanisms of influence on government by the tobacco, alcohol and gambling industries. He has undertaken consultancy research for local governments and non-government organisations in Australia and the UK seeking to restrict or reduce the concentration of poker machines and gambling impacts, and was a member of the Australian government's Ministerial Expert Advisory Group on Gambling in 2010-11. He is a member of the Australian Greens.

Harm minimisation strategies for steroids

harm minimisation strategies for steroids


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