Hector lombard steroids

“The UFC has been notified by the Nevada State Athletic Commission that UFC welterweight Hector Lombard has tested positive for a banned substance following his fight at UFC 182: Jones vs. Cormier on Jan. 3, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nev. The UFC has a strict, consistent policy against the use of any illegal and/or performance enhancing drugs, stimulants or masking agents by our athletes. As a result of his positive test, Lombard has been informed that he has violated the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy and Promotional Agreement with Zuffa, LLC. The UFC will cooperate with the commission on the matter and fully supports Lombard’s right to a due process hearing before the commission.”

"I cannot find the proper words to describe how I feel at the moment," an emotional Lombard stated prior to his hearing. "I have let down the UFC, Dana White , Lorenzo (Fertitta), the fans, my family, my sponsors, and countless others. I also owe an apology to my opponent Josh Burkman. As an athlete, I owe my living to maintaining my body at peak physical condition. I trust those around me and within my inner circle to provide me with the proper guidance and wisdom to enable me to perform at my best. However I know that I am ultimately responsible for what I put into my body.

Hector lombard steroids

hector lombard steroids


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