Kali bodybuilder steroids

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I would never do a youtube video cuz i might be accused of using too. I trained for years quite casually until recently when i started lifting heavy and training 4 to 5 days a week any opp i got. Sometimes i only get 45 mins in. But i look at what i gained in that time and still think WOW, no way. I despise drugs in any form. Fought to get a friend off the awful things, dont even like asprin cuz i believe it teaches my body to be lazy. Not everyone who gains is on drugs guys. I personally know a guy who used a lot of stuff incl steroids and i am bigger than him.

Kali bodybuilder steroids

kali bodybuilder steroids


kali bodybuilder steroidskali bodybuilder steroidskali bodybuilder steroidskali bodybuilder steroidskali bodybuilder steroids