Keep results after steroids

Once you have have committed the transaction, the result set will automatically be closed. Commit method is like telling all the insertion/update has been successfully done. So it closes the result set.
Few alternative ways i can suggest inorder to achieve the same is,
1. Dump the result set data into some collection classes so that you can retrieve or fetch the data from it at any point. Even when the transaction has been committed and resultSet has been closed.
2. You can first make autocommit property to be true. Then you can call a stored procedure inside the loop of iteration of resultset and make that procedure commit the result if there's no error in it. In this way your result set will be open and data has been committed via procedure.
Any way you choose . You have to work around anyhow.

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Keep results after steroids

keep results after steroids


keep results after steroidskeep results after steroidskeep results after steroidskeep results after steroidskeep results after steroids