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Yes. It’s really fun. There are so many brilliant actors. Michelle Fairley [who plays Catelyn Stark] is a superb actress. Some of them have become rather good friends. I haven’t really been able to explore Belfast [where filming takes place] just yet but there seems to be an intense energy about it. We sometimes go to The Spaniard – they do good rum cocktails. I imagine it would be quite like school, if school had ever been a pleasurable experience. You know, you go to your horse riding lesson, or sword fighting lesson and do a bit of rehearsing, and then you all go out at weekends together. I go to Nando’s with the boys from the cast. Joe Dempsie, Finn Jones – who is known as Fun Jones – Alfie ‘Alien’… Lovely Richard Madden and Kit Harington, Natalie Dormer… We go to the cinema or bowling. I’m really, extraordinarily crap at it. There are lots of outbursts of emotions and me thrashing around on the floor.

I went to the Wandsworth branch of flip out and had a great day out for my friends birthday! You book a slot to jump and can choose how long you spend in the trampoline park. There are lots of different trampolining sections so it was fun to try these all out. When I went it was about £14 for 2 hours and that included a pair of jump socks! I would say it was pretty busy and there were a lot of kids parties going on which wasn't ideal. However I did go on a weekend so should have been expected. You get a safety briefing before you enter the park and also there are lockers for you to put your belongings in before you start jumping.

Nandrox steroids

nandrox steroids


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