Neurosteroidi e depressione

AB - Neurosteroids are GABAA receptor agonists able to modulate seizure susceptibility. They are mainly synthesized in astrocytes, a type of glial cells that are activated by neuronal damage. Interestingly, status epilepticus (SE) induces neuronal damage and a chronic epileptic condition that becomes evident following a "latent" period, in which glial cells are highly activated. Investigating glial cell activation in the pilocarpine model, we found that P450scc, the rate-limiting enzyme in neurosteroid synthesis, is upregulated in hippocampal astrocytes during the latent period. The induction of P450scc immunoreactivity was stronger with prolonged status epilepticus and was associated with longer latencies to the development of seizures, suggesting that enhanced neurosteroid synthesis retards epileptogenesis. Accordingly, the 5α-reductase inhibitor finasteride, which blocks neurosteroid synthesis, reduced the latent period, thus indicating that glia-derived neurosteroids may be antiepileptogenic.

Me and a friend split one and went to the bar. He never really takes supps but I had it on me and showed him and he was interested in trying it out. While driving there we felt something noticable coming on within 15 minutes. A sort of clear-headed energy. It was definitely easier to form more complicated and complete thoughts. Fluid Memory noticeably enhanced. Stopped being noticable when we started to drink though.  Later in the evening I decided to take a whole 50mg one for myself, considering it is my first day. Within another 15 minutes I felt the clear headedness coming on.

Neurosteroidi e depressione

neurosteroidi e depressione


neurosteroidi e depressioneneurosteroidi e depressioneneurosteroidi e depressioneneurosteroidi e depressioneneurosteroidi e depressione