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Who should attend?

The 2017 Summer Academy provides an introduction to integrated photonics and associated commercial applications in its manufacturing supply chain. Students ranging from beginners at the senior undergraduate level to faculty interested in starting an Integrated Photonics track at their schools will benefit. The content will specifically prepare professional engineers in the electronic and photonic hardware industries for use of the latest integrated photonic technology. Executives and technologists including planners, engineers, and scientists participating in the optical and electronic components technology supply chain will acquire a working knowledge of the field.

The AIM Photonics Summer Academy certifies attendees with the prerequisite skill set to take AIM's online credentialing course (offered Fall, 2017) for design submissions to Multi-Project Wafer prototype runs at the AIM Photonics Institute’s fabrication facilities in Albany and Rochester, New York.

When: July 24-28
Where: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Attendees may sign up for 3-day (Days 1-3) or full 5-day course.

Admission: $550 for 3-day package with networking dinner, $750 for full 5-day course with networking dinner.

AIM Photonics Academy is the educational initiative of the AIM Photonics Institute, a USA Advanced Institute for Manufacturing.

Stanozolol dosagem certa

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