Steroid skin spray for dogs

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Zinc Sprays Mass Marketed as Psoriasis Treatments Starting in 1999, there have been several agressive marketing campaigns for topical zinc products such as Skin-Plaque, Skin-Zinc, SkinZinc, Acadia Skin Care , and others. These appear to sprout up around the Scarborough, Maine area. That is coincidentally where DermaZinc is produced. Questions to a telemarketer for the Skin-Zinc product gave hints that Jeff Kral and ( whois ) is the marketing company behind the SkinZinc campaign. The ads have appeared in USA Today, many newspapers, radio spots, and now half hour infomercials in many cities. They never list the ingredients or price, but they often make claims that the product is patented and FDA approved. This is a deception, because no such products are allowed to claim FDA approval, and makers of topical zinc pyrithione products are in fact specifically banned from making psoriasis treatment claims. [See April 9, 2003 FDA Skin-Zinc Warning Letter .] It is presumed that they are without any added steroids, but the promoters are clearly operating outside ethical boundaries and it's hard to guess how far they are willing to go to make a buck. Note that SkinZinc is marketed using the same before/after photos as DermaZinc with clobetasol . The SkinZinc makers state the ingredients as % Zinc Pyrithione, Water, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, with added willowherb, aloe, and quaternium 15. Many people have reported returning these zinc products as ineffective, with almost no reports of success (except by shills) either publicly or privately. The $15 shipping fee isn't refundable, and Selfworx suggests insuring and package-tracking any returned products, or they will not be responsible for providing a refund. Some collected References and Links:

Steroid skin spray for dogs

steroid skin spray for dogs


steroid skin spray for dogssteroid skin spray for dogssteroid skin spray for dogssteroid skin spray for dogssteroid skin spray for dogs