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On the internet several sites dedicated to recordings of real graphic violence, referred to as "gore", exist, such as and . [4] [5] Furthermore, many content-aggregator sites such as Reddit or imageboards and 4chan have their own subsites which are dedicated to or allow that kind of content. Some of those sites also require that gore material to be marked as it, often by the internet slang " NSFL " ( shorthand for "not safe for life"). This kind of media might depict reality footage of war, car crashes and other accidents, decapitations, suicide, terrorism, murder or executions.

When asked to describe the nature of the corruption, Bautista remarks: "It was really total control of the economy." He then shakes his head. "It was excess to the max, it was too much." These excesses of wealth and power eventually toppled the Marcoses in 1986 when the bloodless "People Power Revolution" erupted over four days in February. Realising that Marcos was finished politically, the US government withdrew its support and the family was forced to dramatically flee the country on Feburary 25, 1986 - first by helicopter out of Malacañang Palace and then on a jet provided by the US government.

In a book about his adventures in Brazil, Roosevelt recounted the time he saw a swarm of piranha pick clean a cow carcass in a matter of seconds -- and the world has been running with that story ever since. What he didn't know was that the locals wanted to put on a show for him, so they had first starved an enormous group of the fish before he arrived. When Roosevelt showed up, it was no longer a regular school of piranhas; it was the school from Dangerous Minds . They weren't crazed monsters. They were overcrowded and neglected. These piranhas were victims of circumstance. Michelle Pfeiffer was ... the cow? This analogy got away from us.

The rock steroids reddit

the rock steroids reddit


the rock steroids redditthe rock steroids redditthe rock steroids redditthe rock steroids redditthe rock steroids reddit